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SOA Architecture

SOA is a services-based approach to designing and building flexible, reusable IT solutions that easily combine existing and new technologies. It enables business process components to be assembled and orchestrated efficiently and rapidly for a responsive organization. It gives a rich user experience and services focused environment that can take organizations into the future. Our team is well aware of the benefits that SOA solutions can deliver and how to achieve them. SOA based solutions provide easy integration and standard interfaces with web services, XML and schema standards. By combining the SOA solutions with business offered services, organizations can achieve,

  • Maximum flexibility, enable consolidation, reuse and integration of various business process, technology platforms and organizations
  • Standardization of platforms and commonality on development side with less hardware and less resources
  • Helps to bring the technology closer to the user with greater visibility and situational awareness
  • Meet security requirements with pre-built hierarchy based security
  • Reduce future development and integrations costs
  • Improve information sharing, data visibility and collaboration
  • It gives cost savings, speed and accuracy to the business
  • It is a strategy for future
SOA Architecture

Why Data Architecture? The absence of data governance standards is a critical failure point for enterprise data in applications such as ERP, CRM and analytics. Cost of managing data increases as data grows exponentially. Implementing these data governance best practices will reduce the risks and increase the trust in organizations.

  • Data Architecture and Data modeling
  • Enterprise Metadata management
  • Prospective data consumer requirement analysis

With these standards in place for a data architecture,

  • Will reduce the total cost of managing data to accommodate exponential growth
  • Ensure Data Quality
  • Ensure Data availability and reusability
  • Separation of Transactional and Reporting data stores
  • Developers approach the designs with an anticipation of downstream data consumption
Database Architecture

Business Intelligence combines data, technology, analytics and human knowledge to optimize business decisions to meet the business needs in this competitive market. Our BI experts have years of experience in combining enterprise data warehouse with a BI platform to transform data into usable, actionable business information.

Our team expertise in utilizing agile software techniques and latest BI tools to accelerate development and delivering the solutions addressing real time and self-service BI needs of the business.

  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Standardization of platforms and commonality on development side with less hardware and less resources
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard Implementation
  • Tool Evaluation
  • Enterprise Tools Expertise
    • Reporting Tool
    • Data Warehouse Strategy & Implementation
    • Data Movement and Transformation Strategy & Implementation
  • Data Warehouse Support
    • Maintenance & Enhancements
    • Service Internal and External Customers Reporting requests
BI Architecture



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