Business Intelligence

Most businesses are looking at BI and Analytical solutions as the market demand for more advanced decision making systems to compete with the dynamically changing market trends.Business intelligence has become a Critical Catalyst for decision making and sustained growth. Our services cover the entire spectrum of Business Intelligence solution life cycle. The reusable components in our BI framework will help you build a robust, flexible and simple to use systems.

  • Gives you all the information to efficiently grow your business
  • Reports your business status to grow and not just run your business
  • Can be your online Sales Assistant
  • Your Business tracker and a handy tool during your business negotiations
  • Will be Customized to your business scenarios
  • Exhibits your management efficiency
  • Hierarchy based security framework
  • Web based dashboards to report your business KPIs
  • Gives you all the information to efficiently grow your business


Business Intelligence

Data analysis and design provides the foundation for delivering BI applications. Analysis concentrates on understanding business needs for data and information. Design translates business information needs into data structures that are adaptable, extensible, and sustainable. Core skills include needs analysis, metrics definition, and data modeling.This BI discipline includes gathering accurate business requirements; designing business rules; analyzing and modeling data; dimensional modeling; key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics; and testing and documentation.

One should know the business and the available data well to design and report it right. Many users are not involved in the design of the database which drives their business reports. Our team can help you in defining efficient data models that become a common platform of communication between IT and business. We can help you develop the logical and conceptual designs to suit the intended audience. we have skilled data modelers to drive a series of interviews with business people, gather requirements and design the logical data models.

This business-level analysis should not be overlooked-though the physical database design is important, the business rules and definitions are critical to the success of the business intelligence implementation. If a business user creates a report of product sales, the definition of "product" must be clear-does it mean finished products, or does it include raw materials? These core business terms need to be defined in the business-level data model.

Defining a Physical Data model is a challenge in most organizations because of massive data volumes and existence of multiple sources of data. These models provide a graphical road map of all the subject areas by reverse engineering databases to analyze their structures and interrelationships.

We provide efficient data models of your information assets and helps you at every step to enforce standards to meet the business needs in this competitive market.

Our Leads have journeyed through generations of ETL processing since inception and well versed with in defining highly optimized data integration processes. A new generation of ETL tools appeared recently has greatly improved the capabilities of SQL languages. Our teams are specialized and help your company,

  • loading slowly changing dimensions.
  • Complex data integration process flow logic.
  • Defining re-usable mappings.
  • Design-time automation through scripting.
  • Defines the sources and targets more efficiently without data redundancy.
  • In recent days,transformations are executed by the RDBMS engine in bulk instead of row by row with second-generation ETL.
  • In the E-L-T architecture, all database engines can potentially participate in a transformation-thus running each part of the process where it is the most optimized.
  • Our teams are experienced in identifying and leveraging third-generation E-L-T tools and orchestrating the work of these systems-and processing all data transformations in bulk
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The ability of an organization to attain its strategic goals is, in part determined by the level of Quality of the data it collects, stores and manages on a daily basis. Data Quality cannot be neglected as the worst thing that can happen for users to lose confidence in data. Consistency, quality can be manageable problems in one data source, but once BI systems integrate data from multiple sources, the challenges increases.

With Years of experience, our team can help develop processes

  • To correct and update the incoming data in real time like address correction, City, State, emails, phone numbers etc.
  • To Match and Dedup the data so it matches the right records and brings accurate data counts.
  • To enrich your data.
  • To report against accurate and efficient data.

Today's organizations are complex webs of interacting groups and projects often created on-the-fly with demands for near-immediate results. Providing a systematic means for users to draw rapid, actionable insights and then share those insights is a constant challenge.Decisions that once might have taken days now have to be made at the speed of the transaction, such as while your customer is completing an online transaction. BI Solutions provides the mechanism for people in organizations to examine historical trends, to measure results, to look for patterns in the data that might be missed in standardized reports and event to create alerts that fire when certain conditions are or aren't met.

Information is needed by every Company to make decisions. Teams face many challenges to obtain these data as this information resides on separate systems or fragmented. Though the companies work through inter-related groups like HR, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Services ,CRMetc the data from these groups are always not connected. For a business to achieve optimal performance, information has to flow across functional boundaries. In these scenarios it becomes extremely difficult for the management to make optimal decisions.

Our team can help you design & built custom BI Solutions as well as support the existing BI tools in the market that deliver decision making systems as "One-Stop" for all the groups in the organization. These solutions provide real time access and intelligence virtually from all the enterprise data sources. Our teams has extensive experience in providing industry specific BI solutions to global organizations. Our solutions incorporates KPI, workflows, dimensional models, user friendlyinterfaces reflecting the analytical best practices for each business function.

We have expertise in delivering BI solutions for various groups in the organizations like,

  • Financial Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Service Analytics
  • Supply Chain
  • Call Center /Telephony

Our team follows many best practices in building BI solutions,

  • Look for processes and solutions that enable people involved in decision-making to get answers to their own questions, not just pre-determined ones.
  • Start with the totality of what is desired and work backwardsif necessary.
  • Engaging people in your organization is not only possible but necessary.
  • Provide interactive visualization as a means of analytics.
  • Group the users based on the frequency of data they need (dynamic, weekly, monthly), the level of data needed (daily operational data, strategic data).
  • Develop user friendly interfaces focusing different skill levels of users.
  • Deliver highly Scalable solutions.
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