Real Estate

Our team understands the needs of the real estate, construction and Property Management industry better as we defined end-end solutions to the Top construction companies in India. As the online Service marketing is emerging, online solutions are becoming powerful tools to reach their customers, advertise the brands and provide offers. These solutions are becoming a single platform for all the property buyers, sellers & agents across the countries.

Not only bringing all the users to one platform, our solutions help companies to integrate all data and processes into a single one-stop system meeting the needs of all the following functional areas of the business.


  • Land Acquisition
  • Architecture
  • Sales & Marketing


  • Procurement
  • Engineering/Site management
  • Personnel management
  • HR-Payroll
  • Asset Management
  • Accounting
  • Customer Management


  • Pre-Launch
  • Launch
  • Account Management
  • Media
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting & Analytics



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