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Interactive graphical representations and in-depth analytics powered by Microsoft’s innovative, cloud-based Power BI platform

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Explore intelligent BI & Analytics solutions from BeetleRim.

Showcase sales and service trends by product and year.

Get yearly marketing trends measured by customer response and conversion rates.

View product dashboards with rolling revenue projections, investment breakdowns ... and lots more!

Intelligence to power key business decisions

BeetleRim specializes in BI tools required to achieve the fundamental goals of digital transformation. From strong connectors, to data extraction, cleansing and modelling, and finally, pattern visualization – we enable a 360-degree view to decision makers. Reap business results from BeetleRim’s abundant capabilities, like end-to-end data source to data mart implementation, with dynamic, cloud-based dashboards and enterprise-wide analytics.

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    We help you leverage industry-leading technologies for flexibility and speed.

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Learn how BeetleRim used its expertise to achieve the aggressive conversion of legacy reports to data mart reports, with re-usable components.