Product Engineering Services

Bringing high-value products to life

Build great products from great ideas. Modernize and future-proof your legacy landscape

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active properties

2 million units

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Conceptualize. Engineer. Modernize.

Create high-quality, high-security and high-fidelity prototypes enabled by future technologies like IoT, Cloud and AI. Modernize and migrate complex legacy systems and applications without impacting mission-critical processes. Reduce interdependencies and stay agile through fluid, micro-services based architecture.

Why BeetleRim

    Technology advisors for innovative solutions

    We integrate into your DNA and understand your stated and understated needs.

    Over a decade of global experience, with focus on the US market

    We evolve into your strongest market ally for competitive advantage.

    Agile and cost-effective right-shore partner

    We help you leverage industry-leading technologies for flexibility and speed.

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