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  • Bring your customer relationships to full throttle
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Get highly competitive intelligence

Robust CRM and enterprise systems to manage vehicle and customer lifecycles effortlessly.

Check out our innovative and 100% QA-tested solutions leveraging our product engineering capabilities, Microsoft Power BI, Dynamics 365, SharePoint... and more industry-leading technologies!

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Gain competitive advantage and more!

BeetleRim can help you with competitive sales intelligence that will lead to pricing advantage and increased customer satisfaction!

Losing sleep over dropping sales?

Auto dealership across the US are struggling with these challenges:

  • Lack of real-time competitive insights
  • Inability to collaborate or campaign effectively
  • Complex networks/processes that lead to delays in outreach

If you're not in it to win, you're not in it at all.

The automotive world can be brutally competitive. Your salesforce, customer support and external allies must work cohesively with customers as a single, integrated unit. Doing so will not only differentiate your dealership, but also deliver outstanding results and big wins in the market.

Any future-ready auto dealership, OEM or marketing agency relies on the power of technology to share real-time insights, drive innovation, retain a loyal customer-base and empower its customer-facing workforce. BeetleRim’s custom-built CRM and enterprise solutions do just that.

Why BeetleRim

    Technology advisors for innovative solutions

    We integrate into your DNA and understand your stated and understated needs.

    Over a decade of global experience, with focus on the US market

    We evolve into your strongest market ally for competitive advantage.

    Agile and cost-effective right-shore partner

    We help you leverage industry-leading technologies for flexibility and speed.

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