Helping a used automotive dealer with competitive sales intelligence

The Challenge

In the used car sales process, the purchaser always has an upper-hand in terms of the information, and tends to compare available cars in the dealership to similar models in the vicinity. The client identified that this comparison could be a potential cause for lost opportunity. The need, therefore, was to build a car availability database, segregated by location.

BeetleRim Solution

Information was sourced from many different e-publishing sites on used car dealerships. BeetleRim built an integrated reporting capability based on the car model, geography and other dimensions. Scraping interfaces were provisioned for near-real-time data.

Business Benefits

  • Sales people were able to eliminate customers’ doubts regarding alternative options – either online or with retailers – in the vicinity.
  • Ease of evaluating alternate options increased the chances of customers’ on-the-spot decisions. The number of decision makers in the first visit increased.
  • The increased availability and visibility of information helped improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • The dealership had pricing advantages, as they could foresee the options available in the competing landscape.
Helping a used automotive dealer with competitive sales intelligence