Delivering robust and dynamic BI and analytics solutions

Aggressive conversion of legacy reports to data mart reports with re-usable components

The Challenge

BeetleRim had a challenging opportunity where it was required to convert over 350 legacy reports (to data mart format) in a short time frame.

BeetleRim Solution

The team did a detailed analysis and demonstrated great teamwork in building reusable components within the reports. Some of the challenges and innovative solutions included:

  • Taking data from different sources required connector scripts to be source-centric. This had to be revised to build a unified connector to all sources (MSSQL, MySQL and MS Excel data)
  • All image accesses were centralized into a cloud repository with easy access paths. This design helped the data structures to be absolved of image loads, improving the overall performance.
  • The application functions around dates, and a few source-agnostic functions were built as common functions and this could be leveraged across the solution.
  • The custom dashboards developed had the facility to drill up OR down. Custom scripting ensured that dashboards need not be built for each source. This also cleared the need to build function specific-reports.
  • Ability to embed widgets improved the throughput (accuracy and development time).
Delivering robust and dynamic BI and analytics solutions