Using IoT expertise for efficient fleet management

BeetleRim has proven experience in the IoT space. We have been supporting multiple initiatives over time. This success story involves a use case in the location and logistics industry.

BeetleRim built an IoT device that can be attached to any vehicle with a GPS system. The solution is currently used by transport companies and schools for their school fleet. The school solution notifies parents and the school of various parameters, including the driving conditions and the time of arrival.

Business Benefits

  • Increased satisfaction of parents of students as well as the school.
  • Driving behaviour information was very helpful in managing costs. Integration with vehicle database helped in reducing vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Native mobile application on top of this helped locate the vehicles at any point in time.

The client's valuation increased 1000% based on the successful working of the software, and their business increased drastically.

Big Case Study 2