Sentiment analysis on the site usage surveys

The Challenge

Requirement was to build a sentiment analysis engine for processing various site surveys on the client’s e-commerce site, driven by marketing teams . These surveys were instrumental to the marketing campaigns and in the follow-ups and promotional activities taken up by the team.

The marketing team had previously relied on site usage surveys, but as volumes grew, getting proper feedback from the surveys became more challenging.

BeetleRim Solution

BeetleRim devised a mechanism to channel all survey responses to a dedicated database. ML-based sentiment analysis engine was set up to review each of the survey responses. The solution would also identify thresholds and report back to the CRM system. Trend reports from site surveys were also built to help the marketing team.

Business Benefits

  • The ability to be responsive to the trends observed in the site surveys.
  • Increased attention to specific customers based on the feedback.
  • Customer satisfaction improved by over 20% over three quarters.
Sentiment analysis on the site usage surveys