Mobile-native and web apps automated in a single go!

The Challenges

  • The automation script had to be written in the same language in which the applications were developed.
  • This meant BeetleRim had to develop the scripts in C#, Dot Net using Visual Studio and Appium. This involved significant research.
  • Multiple automation and development tools were used.

BeetleRim Solution

  • After thorough research, BeetleRim built a single configurable and flexible framework to automate mobile-native and web apps.
  • The automation scripts developed could be executed from anywhere in the world using the client network.
  • Good research and analysis led to quality output in less time.
  • The BeetleRim QA teams were easily adaptable to client requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced manual regression and re-testing efforts.
  • Ensured consistent quality in minimum time.
  • Technology provided was conducive to the requirement.
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