"Success in the third wave of digital depends very much on first understanding patients’ digital preferences in both channel and service. But many digital healthcare strategies are still driven by myths or information that is no longer true."

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The US healthcare market is seeing increasing government attention on “wellness” as a measure of social health, instead of “preventing or curing illnesses”. This subsequently translates to increased attention on healthcare technologies and life sciences. Longer lifespans and health-conscious lifestyles mean there is visibly more patient access and proactive footfall. At the same time, across the healthcare industry, margins are taking a hit, and it is important to note that more volume is not necessarily more value.

Medical health professionals and hospitals are now, more than ever, looking at new revenue generating models with lower deployment costs, like virtual healthcare, on-demand SaaS and tele-health, while also strengthening software-enabled cost-efficiency measures to bridge revenue leaks, increase compliance, reduce errors and shrink manual reliance.

Healthcare providers and hospital CEOs understand and acknowledge the role of innovation in facilitating patient-centric healthcare services. Next-generation tools and technologies, like artificial intelligence, have a critical role in not just advancing healthcare to the next level, but also in making it affordable to patients and sustainable.

Did you know?

More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future.

BeetleRim: Setting new standards in next-generation technologies and technology-enabled, patient-centric healthcare

It is a well-known fact that technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. BeetleRim is powering this revolution through its suite of tools and solutions built on NLP, AI/ML and other future-ready technologies, to facilitate rapid advancements in the areas of records digitization and holistic hospital front-desk, billing and collections. What’s more, we bring these technologies to healthcare providers in affordable and scalable SaaS models, further enhanced by Cloud storage and advanced analytical capabilities, that help them deliver the next level of patient-centric care in the way that works best for them.

As the first and last point of physical contact with prospects, the front office is where your brand experience begins and reputations are built. Whether you are a large hospital chain or a suburban clinic, a front desk management software is an invaluable investment – a tool that is critical for efficient patient data management and conflict-free functioning of the hospital, its patients and its staff.

BeetleRim offers :

  • Credentialing and empanelment with leading insurance companies
  • Registration for in- and out-patients
  • Patient data management including insurance eligibility checks and pre-authorization
  • Alerts, calendar scheduler and reminders
  • Posting of copays and credit card payments
  • Alerts
  • Infrastructure management
  • Extensive recordkeeping

The healthcare industry is seeing rising concerns on declining profitability. For hospital CEOs, sustaining margins is a top priority. Especially as studies have revealed that in-patient revenue has seen a considerable drop in the last decade. While optimizing costs, reducing heavy investments and adopting new pricing and revenue models are on top of the list, so is focus on technology as a measure to safeguard interests and reduce costs.

BeetleRim offers :

  • Comprehensive billing information
  • Up to 99% accuracy in claim submissions processing
  • In-built ICD-10-CM/PCS compliance
  • Advisors to doctors for smart coding to stay attuned to changing regulations
  • Patient statements processing
  • Payment reminders and alerts for patients

As in any industry, healthcare as well relies on the efficiency of collection services to keep the cash inflow intact. Best practices like ensuring to collect payment before patients leave the premises help to boost collection likelihood. Collection systems with in-built processes that ensure patient convenience, while securing payments are not just helpful in debt prevention, but also ensure return visits and referral.

BeetleRim offers :

  • End-to-end accounts receivables management
  • Timely claims submission to collections department
  • Payment plans, collection accounts and balances/dues management
  • Innovative self-pay and mobility capabilities that increase collections while remaining patient centric

  • Intuitive reports that are custom-made to required parameters
  • On-the-spot decision-making using advanced analytical capabilities