Dynamic Form Builder: A flexible, user-friendly and portable tool for end-to-end forms processing

Process-specific challenges

  • For any business, from the time the customer application is filed to the close of proceedings, a thorough and frequent follow-up process is needed, before revenue can be generated.
  • There is often no single system to support the complete process.
  • User data security is a major challenge.
  • The process is usually inefficient and manual, and there is scope for errors and security threats due to human error.

Breakthrough by BeetleRim

BeetleRim developed a Form Builder Framework that enables businesses to design their own application forms/packages based on their unique business attributes.

  • Easily process multiple applications in a day, efficiently.
  • Cut down CAPEX for multiple business entities and instead focus on business development activities.
  • Approval process through management hierarchy made easy through cloud access.
  • Automatic alerts were configured based on business rules set-up.
  • No scope for human errors – a transparent system application with high security standards, which provides 100% security to user information.
Dynamic Form Builder