A robust portable intranet framework for SharePoint users, that is user-friendly, and customizable to multi-domain and multi-market environments.

Challenges in using and managing SharePoint

  • Business users need knowledge of SharePoint to use it well.
  • Managing information across regions can be difficult.
  • It is often expensive and time-consuming to develop separate sites for each region.
  • The sites need daily updates and this requires dedicated resources with SharePoint knowledge.

Breakthrough by BeetleRim

Through our head-on approach to business challenges, we developed a cutting-edge SharePoint application that is user-friendly and easy/cost-effective to maintain, while adhering to basic SharePoint functionalities.

Business Benefits

  • A robust framework, that is completely portable across businesses by just changing content.
  • Interactive user interface, developed in SharePoint and presented to users as a user-friendly and feature-rich web-based application.
  • The management can change content and layout without SharePoint knowledge.
  • The site is secured by a well-defined security framework.
  • The site supports region-wise customizations, like:
    • Department-specific calendar events, enhancements and announcements
    • Organizational rewards & recognition, achievements and accomplishments
SharePoint Case Study