Custom BI assessment, strategy and development/LeadPrime

Improving scalability of BI solution with centralized EDW, extensive data transformation, over 300 custom reports and cloud accessibility

The Challenge

BeetleRim was entrusted with the requirement to revamp a custom BI solution into a more scalable solution. The existing system in this scenario was more of a home-grown custom application.

BeetleRim Solution

BeetleRim proposed the value of moving to a cloud solution. As part of the requirement, we designed a new enterprise data-warehouse with adaptive scalable solution.

  • Data from four different custom applications were migrated into one central EDW.
  • Moving to cloud helped the client move the costs from capital to operational. The servers were at or beyond EOL and it was a necessary step to move the server.
  • A major data transformation initiative was necessary, including standardization of metrics (facts) and dimensions across applications.
  • The ETL (extraction, transformation and load) process was specifically built to handle volume through multi-step denormalization.
  • Over 300 custom built reports for the individual application were migrated to the new environment through the development of some common reusable report components.
  • Self-service reports were introduced to power users to allow further customization of reports.
Custom BI assessment