Social Media Analytics/BuildersMart

Leveraging the power of social media analytics to build and track website footfall

BeetleRim successfully proved the advantages of using social media analytics to improve the business of an e-commerce company. The company was looking at social media to help drive traffic to their website, and this was critical to their business growth.

  • The company‚Äôs strategy was to place context-sensitive ads on multiple social media sites and to track clicks on each of the ads.
  • The landing page counts helped identify the traffic from ads, and this helped determine the efficacy of ads on different social media channels.
  • YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were widely used for content marketing and this was helpful in building out the customer base.
  • Google page analytics on the page visited and geo-tagging of requests helped build a consolidated view of the user base (prospects/lookers).
Social Media Analytics/BuildersMart