Extracting valuable, hidden competitive insights using Google Page Analytics

The Challenges

For this e-commerce client, Google Page Analytics were a good source of information, as it gave them the ability to derive intelligence. In addition, following up on the source of the traffic helped site development by carefully nurturing the source. Another important feature was the capability to drive traffic to a specific category or product or home page – as needed.

The problem they faced was the need for clearer information from website analytics, specifically to identify:

  • If the deals section of the site was garnering attention
  • The source of traffic from a location perspective and from source site perspective
  • If the traffic was concentrated more on a category or to specific products

BeetleRim Solution

BeetleRim sourced Google analytics data through API calls and had well-defined ways to use this information across different dimensions. The marketing team received the daily information and the same was stored in analytics databases to allow to periodic trend reviews.

Business Benefits

  • Identified some surprising sources of traffic (both source site as well as geographical location).
  • Identified and since then nurtured the source sites for better traction on the data.
  • Improved page layout to better focus on categories and products that generate high traffic to make them more accessible to the user.
Extracting valuable, hidden competitive insights using Google page analytics