Fix Your Business Reporting; Grow Like Crazy

Fix Your Business Reporting; Grow Like Crazy

In the digital age, your business reporting needs to be rooted in accurate, real-time data analysis. It should be capable enough to portend the future using vivid, animated graphics, straight from the movies! Now, this might sound like science fiction, but this gripping visualization experience is what will help you grow like crazy in 2020.

Any property manager worth his salt can tell you, the key to business success is all in data visualization and reporting. As more and more properties in the US move from manual to automated data processing, property managers are beginning to make the right decisions quickly using industry-leading tools that offer FOUR growth-boosting capabilities.

There are plenty of reporting and analytics tools in the market that claim to equip property managers with the benefits of speed, flexibility and data-driven insights, which in turn could lead to exponential growth. But, few deliver on these promises.

A truly capable business intelligence application will go a long way in helping property managers save valuable time by equipping them with real-time competitive intelligence, market forecasts, tenant evaluations, vendor management capabilities and more. One of the leading tools in the market, Power BI, can do it all – from financial reports to asset tracking, maintenance, projections and service request management – in addition to unlocking hidden insights using powerful visualizations!

Four standout features of Power BI that make it an essential tool for property managers in the US

1) More power to the end-user

Power BI is a robust ally for property managers when it comes to its proven capabilities in advanced analytics, data modelling and visualization. A unique feature in Power BI though is its ability to take custom reporting to a whole new level. Power users and business users aside, the end-users of Power BI, too, can access multiple data sources and redesign visualizations to their preference. This level of interactivity and granularity can improve their understanding of the data presented to them to previously unmatched levels. As a tool that needs no coding ability, Power BI allows end-users to use scalable dashboards to select a preferred visualization and introduce their preferred data on it, through a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

2) 360-degree insights

Power BI is deeply entrenched in the Microsoft stack. Hence, small and medium businesses that are already using Microsoft tools, like Excel, can benefit from Power BI’s ability to link to multiple databases, and generate engaging visualizations from thousands of data points. For a property manager, Power BI’s sophisticated visualization capabilities, like Power Map, for example, offer clear vantage points on an organization’s current set-up, operations, performance and strategic outlook – and this information is readily available at their fingertips.

3) Advanced analytics

Power BI is essentially a data analytics and visualization tool. Its inherent analytical engine can do deep into data sets, extracting patterns and identifying trends hidden under layers of data. Using emerging technologies like natural language processing (NLP), users can query for information and expect the algorithm to return with relevant insights to their questions.

Predictive analytics is a powerful feature in Power BI that is not available in many industry-leading tools. Features like Power View make use of predictive forecasting models to foresee trends and detect deviations. Together, Power BI’s advanced analytics capabilities add enhanced flavour to business decisions, allowing users access to gain competitive insights from vast pools of unstructured data.

4) Bring data to life on-the-go

Power BI is available as a desktop product, over mobile, and on a SaaS model. This flexibility, combined with some great pricing options is what makes this tool a best-fit for SMEs. Customers includes leading property management companies worldwide. Not only can you transform routine, unstructured data into fabulous visuals for easy understanding, you can share your dashboards and reports with clients, and allow them full interactivity to make sense of your data – all with a few clicks! This enhanced collaboration is a great way to discover new patterns, explore new revenue streams and build better growth models.

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